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Pigs are considered to be  one of the most intelligent animals in the world.  Pigs are easy to train, very friendly and loving, and make great pets!  

Pigs can be house-broken or litter-box trained depending on your situation.  They are very smart and can learn just about anything; from walking on a leash to sitting up on demand for a treat!  Pigs are very affectionate and will cuddle with you every chance they get!  They get along great with other pets too.  Our pigs love to play tag with the dogs!  Pigs love to have their backs and bellies rubbed and will try to use you as a big scratching post.  They will ride in the car, ride in a basket on your bike, ride in a wagon...........they just want to be with you!

The piglets we raise at the Fort Worth Animal Farm are considered micro mini pigs.  Our adult mini pigs weigh between 15 and 30 pounds.  The only thing big about our pigs is their personalities!!

The piglets born on our farm are for sale, but we are very particular about who is allowed to purchase our piglets.  We know each and every one of our pigs and carefully select the parent pigs in order to ensure healthy piglets.  We want our piglets to nurse their mothers for at least 3 weeks as piglets do not start building active immunity until approximately 21 days.  We are usually present when our sows give birth and we imprint on the piglets as soon as possible to promote bonding with people as well as momma.  We play and interact with our piglets and they are exposed to many other animals as well.  


                              ALL PIGLETS HAVE BEEN SOLD. 

We are expecting more piglets any day so please check back with us. 

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